Major Factions

Vandraal Order – A secretive order of magic users who serve at the Emperor’s command. The order acts as a paramilitary force for Vesh, and operates in legal grey zones.

Dragon Knights – An ancient order of knights who train specially to combat dragons. Induction into the order is a high honor for a Belerilian knight. The Dragon Knights train in a keep located in Solarum.

Astartil – A mage order sworn to apply its magics in defense of Arnim. Years ago radicals in the group splintered off to form The Provident Eye. The Provident Eye was never sanctioned by the king, and is viewed as an outlaw organization. The members of the Astartil view this loss some of their own as their largest failure. The Astartil are wrapped up in controversy with the Elven mages of the Stormguard

Still, the Astartil have been instrumental in defending the realm, offering valuable siege wizards and magically sculpted masonry for keeps and castles. The Astartil are centered in Astar.

Major Factions

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