The deities of Mithroil are a subtle, natural force in the world. With few exceptions, there are no churches or organized preaching.. The gods do not require donations or art in their honor, nor do they require converts. It would be uncommon and strange for a warrior to charge into combat yelling a deity’s name.

Choosing to do good seems the only way to receive spells as a cleric, no amount of study, preaching, or observation of ritual alone has ever granted a mortal with divine magics.

The malevolent gods have a more strict code for their followers, but still are only very loosely organized based on faith. Followers of darkness might create hierarchies within their communities, but the malevolent gods do not seem to favor any leader of the faith more so than any follower.

Roleplaying a Cleric

The gods granted free will to people.

They creeds listed below are cultural trends people associate with these gods, and have been passed down through generations. The emphasis should be on character. Your character can cast spells because he makes effort to help the weak, because he is contemplative, because he is brave etc.

The gods do not promise a better life if you pray to them, they do not ask to hear your troubles, they do not offer to fix them – That is what your fellow man is for.

The Talimorean Pantheon is a more classic example of organized fantasy religion.


God of Creation: Tor, LG
Typical followers: Followers of all walks
Hope, Light, Inspiration
Avatar: Vaguely humanoid animated mountain
Holy Symbol: A blazing sun
Creed: The spirit of a just man never be destroyed. Stand fast against the darkness. Beauty is worth fighting for.

God of the Seas: Volatar, NG
Typical followers: Elves, Scholars, Fringers
Water, Healing, Travel, Wisdom
Avatar: A statuesque swirling rain cloud in humanoid shape
Holy Symbol: An open eye (The symbol must be wooden)
Creed: Decentralized. Teaches inner knowledge and serenity. Celebrate common humanity. Uplifting the weak uplifts yourself and contributes to the global peace.

God of Beasts: Solundis, NG
Typical followers: Druids, Elves, Gnomes, Wizards
Creatures, Nature, Omens, Dreams
Avatar: Mammalian mass of stones and vines
Holy Symbol: A crescent
Creed: “To let the world be.” Let the world be free from corruption. The harmony of the world is sacred. All beings have a connection to the land, and it weakens when thrown out of balance.

God of Trickery: Baazellob, LE
Typicals followers: Schemers, Overlords, Traitors to humanity
Deception, Undeath, Evil, Corruption, Fire
Avatar: A sophisticated man with a goblet.
Holy Symbol: A setting sun
Creed: Ruin is holy. It is better to leave something twisted and wrong, than to destroy it.

God of Disease: Horcullus, NE
Typical followers: Intelligent monsters, evil druids, bandits
Plague, Natural Disasters, Famine, Pillaging, Fear
Avatar: Hunched, shambling mass of robes in a vaguely humanoid shape.
Holy Symbol: An eyeless face in a silent scream
Creed: Taking away from something else makes you stronger. We know a much older, more primal fear. Destruction of the land and all in it is necessary to free all life from the yoke of the gods.

God of Destruction: Organt, CE
Typical followers: Warbands, Giants, Murderers
Violence, Chaos, Wanton Cruelty
Avatar: Giant four armed humanoid brandishing weapons
Holy Symbol: Jaws biting down on a castle
Creed: Gain strength by laying others low. There is no order or divine repercussions in the world. The world is yours for the taking. Apply your will to others.

God of Death: Nollos, TN
Typical followers: Fringe worship among every nation.
Portfolio: Death, Strength, Time
Avatar: Humanoid with an animal’s head. (Vesh – Serpent, Gorod – Dragon, Arnim – Bull, Imraheld – Headless, Beleril – Goat, Ulporos – Lion, Meridia – Skull, Talimor – N/A)
Holy Symbol: A single droplet of blood
Creed: Sculpt your body and mind so that your soul burns bright when you die, ensuring the god of death carries you to his honored hall of the dead. Respect the dead. Eradicate Undead. Honor your ancestors.

Talimorean Pantheon

The Talimorean subcontinent has a unique pantheon. The views toward religion are much different compared to the mainland. The Talimorean pantheon has a more traditional way of worship. Talimoreans attend churches, have religious rituals, and proselytize.


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